How are point values determined for a particular state? 

     Each state is assigned a points value based on a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the number of teams in a state and the competitive strength of those teams.  A state that has 3 or more FBS teams has a first and second-place point value.  A state with only 2 FBS teams will only have a first-place point value.  Any team that is the only FBS team in its state will be grouped into an Independent “state” and compete against other teams that fall into that category, and compete as if they were their own state.

     For example, Texas has 13 FBS teams and the competition for which of those teams will have the best record in the state is very strong from year to year.  One season it might be Texas, another season TCU, SMU, or even UTSA.  So, Texas has a high first-place point value and a significant second-place point value. 

     On the other hand, Georgia has 5 FBS teams and there is not much competition within the state for which team will end up with the best win percentage.  Georgia has dominated in recent years and is likely to be the team that wins the state.  So, the state of Georgia does not provide a lot of points for the winner. 

     The player that drafts Georgia will likely win the state, but won’t win very many points. Point values will change from year to year depending on the competitiveness of the teams in each state.

How is a league formed and a draft conducted? 

     To play CFB Team Fantasy, you first need to create or join a league.       

     A player will create a league of anywhere from 2-12 players.  The user creating this league will become the league’s “commissioner.”  The commissioner can schedule a custom draft time. It will be a snake-draft format, where each player will take turns drafting teams until every FBS team has been selected.  After the draft has been scheduled, a player may turn on auto-draft whereby the computer will automatically select the best team available.  After the draft has concluded, and every team has been selected, the teams will be added to your roster. 

How can I know what teams would be best to draft?  

     Before the season begins, you will be provided with a list of all of the FBS teams with each team being given a Projected Points Output ranking (“PPO”) for the season.  The PPO ranking is determined based on the team's likeliness to win the state and how much that state is worth. The PPO is a ranking value that will give the players an idea of which teams they can draft that are most likely to win them points. 

Can I draft more than one team in a state?

     You can draft up to 3 teams in a state, BUT you cannot draft all of the teams in a state.  For leagues that have 5 players or fewer, you can draft more than 3 teams in the state, but still cannot draft all of the teams in a state.  

Can there be ties?  Are there tiebreakers? 

     State Ties: The only tiebreaker that can give a team the edge in the case of ending with the same record is a head-to-head matchup.  If the teams did not play each other during the season, the points will be split equally between all teams that are tied. 

     Player Standing Ties: If at the end of the season, 2 players have the same amount of points, tiebreakers will happen as follows.

     Tiebreaker 1: Whichever player has the most 1st place or tied for 1st place teams in their state will claim the higher spot.

     Tiebreaker 2: Overall win percentage.  Whichever player’s teams have the best cumulative win percentage (every single team on your roster is taken into account) will claim the higher spot. 

     Tiebreaker 3: Whoever has more 2nd Place Teams will claim the higher spot. 

     Tiebreaker 4: Total Wins by Teams Drafted.  The player with the higher total wins will claim the higher spot.

     Tiebreaker 5: Whoever had the highest point total from a single team will claim the higher spot.

     Tiebreaker 6: Whoever had the latest draft pick that earned points. This is the Final Tiebreak to end all Tiebreaks. 

How many leagues can I join? 

     Every player can join/create 2 leagues.  This way you can have leagues with different people. 

How do I win? 

    After the season has concluded, the player who has accumulated the most points from the teams that they drafted will be declared the winner of the league.  If there are multiple players tied for first, they will be put through tiebreakers until there is a winner.

What is the Independent state?

     The Independent state is for teams that are the only FBS team in their state.  The teams that are sorted into the Independent state are Boise State, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Rutgers, UConn, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.  These teams will compete against one another as if they were in the same geographical state, and points will be awarded to the team with the highest win percentage.

What is the “League Commissioner”?

     A user will create a league of anywhere from 2-12 players.  The user creating this league will become the league’s “commissioner.”  The commissioner will have complete control over the league.  They will control who plays in the league and will have the ability to invite players, whether it’s through email, text messages, or through social media.  The commissioner can schedule a custom draft time. 

Why should I play? 

    CFB Team Fantasy is the perfect fantasy game for any college football fan.  It creates value in every college football game, not just the big games.  It gives you teams to cheer for that you would normally not care about.  Gather friends, family, and co-workers to create a league and enjoy the season together. 

     Playing CFB Team Fantasy with your friends makes every game meaningful and much more fun to watch.