How the Game Works

CFB Team Fantasy - How the Game Works

     CFB Team Fantasy is a college football fantasy game where you draft college football teams instead of players.  All FBS college football teams are organized according to the state where they are located, and each state is assigned a point value.  After you draft your roster of teams, each team you select will compete to have the best win percentage in the state where the team is located to win the points for that state.

     For example: the University of Texas, Baylor University, as well as every other FBS team in the state of Texas will compete for Texas’s designated points. 

     Every game matters!  From week zero through the conference championship games, the bowl season, the playoff, and eventually the national championship, every game counts towards a team's final win-loss record that will determine the winner of a state.

     Each state is different, and because of this, each state will be assigned a different point value based on a variety of factors that include the number of teams in each state, and how competitive it will be to win that state each given year. 

     For example, a state like Texas will be worth more points than a state like Massachusetts because Texas has more teams and overall more competition among those teams, which makes Texas more difficult to win than Massachusetts. 


     You will be able to join/create a league.  Leagues can vary anywhere from 2 to 12 players.  The league commissioner will invite the players to join their league. These are the people that you will be competing against.  Once you create/join a league, the commissioner can schedule the draft. You will be put in a randomly generated order in a snake draft format and draft teams until all 134 FBS teams have been selected. 

     If a player does not attend the draft or disconnects, they can activate the auto-draft feature.  This feature will automatically draft teams based on our Projected Point Output rankings, or PPO, by automatically drafting the team that has the highest PPO and is available to be drafted.  

     Some players may end up with an extra team due to the draft order and the number of players.  This will generally not affect the outcome of the game, as the teams being drafted in the last round very rarely earn points. 


     Teams will compete in the state where they are located. If a team is the only FBS team in their state, they are grouped into an Independent state and compete against each other in the Independent state category.  For example, Hawaii will compete with teams such as Boise State, Missouri, Minnesota, Wyoming, Missouri, Nebraska, etc.


     Points will only be awarded to the top 2 teams that have the best win percentage in every state, with first place earning the most points and 2nd place earning less.  In states with only 2 teams, there will only be points awarded to the first-place team. Third place and below don't receive any points.

     If any of the teams tie (have the same win percentage at the end of the season) for first or second, the points would be evenly divided between them unless a tiebreaker applies. 

     If two teams played each other during the season, the team that won that head-to-head matchup will have a tiebreaker over the other, giving the winning team of that game an advantage.  For example, if (10-2)Texas beats (10-2)Texas A&M, then Texas wins the points over Texas A&M. 

     If there was a tie for first place, then the total points of first and second would be added up and split between the 2 teams.  No points would be awarded to any  other teams.

How to win

     The object of the game is to have the most points in your league at the end of the season.  You achieve this by drafting teams that give you the best chance to win the highest amount of cumulative points among the different states.  So, when deciding which teams to draft, you want to select teams that you think will end up with the highest win percentage at the end of the season in a state that offers the most points. 

     Be strategic!  Toward the middle or end of your draft, the best teams will likely be selected so you will need to think about second-place points and which teams are most likely to win those points, or are most likely to have an outside chance. 

     Again, the player with the most points in the league wins!  Second-place points can make the difference between winning and losing. 

Why should I play?

     CFB Team Fantasy creates a college football experience where every team and every game matters.  Every team in every state has the chance to win points, regardless of conference, strength of schedule, or ranking.  All they have to do is have a better win percentage than the other teams in the state.  This emphasizes in-state matchups and makes every game more exciting.  It also gives you a reason to watch non-Power-4 games that may not have implications in the grand scheme of college football but will make a big difference in the outcome of your fantasy game.

     CFB Team Fantasy puts more meaning into each Saturday, giving you teams to cheer for in nearly every game, making the college football experience that much better.

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